Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy For Riverhead, Wading River & All of Suffolk County, NY


Massage need not be simply a fun treat you indulge in while on vacation or after a stressful week at work: it can be a true healing practice. Deep tissue massage, along with other types of physical therapy, can help your muscles to release tension. It can also encourage deep healing down to the cellular level.

Furthermore, it follows that when your cells are healthy and functioning as well as they can be, everything else has a better chance of being healthy.

Natural Healing Massage Therapy

If it’s time for you to stop using potentially dangerous pain relievers just to get through your day, give us a call at (631) 369-0999. We’ll develop a fully individualized and personalized treatment plan that will help you overcome the worst of the pain. We can even give you special stretches to use at home or on your breaks at work, so that you’re still healing even when you’re not with us.

Massage Techniques Available

  • Medical Massage
  • Relaxation
  • Amma Therapy

My Story

massageI have a history of physical traumas: one was a skiing accident when I was 18, and at 20, I was involved in an accident on Rt. 80 in New Jersey with an 18 wheeler. It left me with many herniated and bulging disks and even a fragmented disc. I was thrown to the ground when the fragment hit my Sciatic Nerve Root and stayed there for many months. I had severe pain down to my foot and experienced muscle weakness in my foot and toes. I can honestly say that I know what pain is because I have experienced severe pain in my neck and lower back. I have had many occasions when only a massage and an adjustment together actually stopped chronic muscle spasms in my back.

Today, through proper treatments, nutrition and exercise, I am able to lead a full life and continue to work at my true passion: helping others to overcome their health challenges. I have never had to seek pain management or surgery for these conditions, and for that I am thankful. I thank God that I was able to overcome these health challenges using natural approaches. I hope I can use these same natural approaches to help you.