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Margie Sears

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"You are what you eat." "Garbage in, garbage out." The fact that there are so many clichés showing that what we eat affects who we are, illustrates an important scientific and medical truth: nutrition matters. Here at County Seat Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center, we understand the essential link between proper nutrition and lifelong health.

Our goal is to provide the advice, coaching, and therapies you need to help you eat better and live better.

What Are the Benefits of Nutritional Counseling for Natural Healing?

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Improved Blood Labs
  • Reverse Diseases 
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Attention Span
  • Relief from Digestive Ailments such as IBS
  • Freedom from Pain
  • Less Stress
  • Better Moods 
  • And More!
  • Fix Your Cells & Get Well!


Nutrition Response Testing™

Proper nutrition isn’t just about what you put into your body: it’s about what you keep out of it as well. Marguerite Sears is a Clinical Master of Nutrition Response Testing™. She’s completed a course of study that taught her the proper way to help patients determine what foods they should enjoy and which they should avoid. Some foods can be perfectly healthy for some people while causing problems in others. Marguerite Sears’s goal is to help you determine, through Nutritional Response Testing™, which foods you should avoid because you've been unwittingly damaged by them for years.

Do you suffer from fatigue, weight gain, bloating, constipation and loss of sleep? These are just a few of the many symptoms that can improve your life. Take our survey to learn more!

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You probably are curious about what “Nutrition Response Testing®” is – and what we do and how we may be able to help you.
Nutrition Response Testing® is very precise and scientific way of accessing your body's needs. However, if I were to analyze your health using Nutrition Response Testing® before it was explained to you, you might find it strange, or simply not believable – only because it is probably very different from anything you may have experienced before. 

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The best nutritional plan in the world does you no good if the foods involved are bland, tasteless, and unsatisfying, making you not want to eat them. That’s why County Seat Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center has created many recipes designed to provide their patients with meals that are as delicious as they are healthy.

They’ll give you the recipes as well as many other tips about how to improve or alter your favorite foods to make them better for you. A few additional seasonings or healthy oils may be all it takes to turn your everyday food into natural healing medicine!